'The Nemesis' Tony Kemp

 'Nemesis' Tony Kemp

Height: 5'10

Weight: 238lbs

Hometown: Tilbury Town, Essex

Signature Moves: Spine Buster

Career Highlights: Multi Dropkixx award winner, 1 third of 'The Blacklist', Undefeated Dropkixx Junior Champion, The current Dropkixx British Champion


In 2005 'The Nemesis' Tony Kemp made his Dropkixx debut. Throughout the years Tony has been making his way up the food chain and demolishing anyone who tries to get in his way. Starting young Tony Kemp was the undefeated Dropkixx Junior champion. Finally after making his way to the top he defeated Kevin Hanley for the British championship belt and is now fending off anyone who tries to get near it. One of Tony's biggest success' was being 1 third of one of the strongest tag teams ever to step foot in the ring - 'The Blacklist'. However, after one of his team mates Austin Hyde turned against them, 'The Blacklist' are no more. Despite this Tony Kemp still concours on and takes down anyone who steps a foot out of line. 

Brentwood 21: Mania Day SuperShow
7th April 2019
Brentwood Theatre, CM15 8AG
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