Party Peace

Party Peace 

'Party Animal' Kevin Hanley and 'Obnoxious' Oliver Peace

Height: 5'10 (Kevin) & 5'10 (Peace)

Weight: 203lbs (Kevin) & 170lbs (Peace)

Hometown: Chelsea, London

Signature Moves: Party-Stopper (Kevin) & Satellite DDT (Peace)

Career Highlights: Number one competitors for the Dropkixx tag team championship belts 


Party Peace are a new tag team that have had a huge impact to Dropkixx. Making every match a celebration of their own, they have managed to dance their way straight through all obstacles. Having beaten the Essex Pitbulls in a number one contenders match they are already closer to their goal.

Live Wrestling in Laindon
3rd March 2018
President's Community Hall
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