Hugh Mungus

Height: 6'4"
Weight: 30 stone+
From: Wherever He Damn Well Pleases
Signature Moves: Big Splash & Body Slam Of Regret
Career Highlights: Undefeated in Dropkixx
Bio: The mammoth that is Hugh Mungus may very well be the meanest, baddest, scariest looking competitor in the history of professional wrestling. He's big, bad and he don't care. And with his massive girth and strength, I don't think anybody would want to challenge that attitude. Getting a splash or taking a bodyslam from this goliath has been described by various Dropkixx wrestlers as what they imagine it would be like to be hit by a freight train. He has been known to defeat opponents with just one move. His stare and prescence alone are bad enough to send opponents screaming to the back. Currently inactive from the ring, the big question is, when he returns will he dare to have his sights set on the Dropkixx Heavyweight title? Because whoever is champion, they will have their work cut out for them trying to defeat this monster of a man. 
Live Wrestling in Laindon
3rd March 2018
President's Community Hall
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